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Measure everything better than the best tailor in town

What are your goals? What do your customers want?

There is no good wind for a sailboat with no direction. You have to be able to summarize succinctly what do you aim for, in maximum 3 sentences. You also have to align your customer’s goals with your own purpose. The more value you create in the world, the closer you will get to your target.

What to measure? How does success look like for you?

It is a must to define exactly how you will measure success. Without clear measurement in place it is impossible to see where exactly are the bottlenecks inside your operations.

What is your strategy?

It is essential for us to understand how you plan to achieve your goals, since only then can we help to complement your strategy. Most of the time it also happens, that you don’t know how to proceed and improve your bottom line, and we point out your blind spots, which uncover unprecedented further growth opportunities.


Understand your business

We use the ABC framework promoted by Avinash Kaushik, who is the Analytics Evangelist at Google.


We draw together the whole funnel of the conversion, which means starting from the user is seeing the first advert to the end point of payment. We also take apart your traffic structure to understand what sources are driving the most users, and which sources are containing untapped potential.


After your visitors are arriving to your website, we analyze what pages do they look at, what do they search, where are they leaving your website the most often. We also uncover the different types of users, and what are their inner motives.


We collect objections

First we ask your salespeople, customer care, and most of the times also the business owner, what are the most common objections made by customers, and what counter-objections do they use as a response. We also become a customer and try to buy your product. If we have the option, we also try to switch roles, and get on the phone with your customers, to get a first hand experience selling your product. We also use online tools to get insights about what could have possibly stop your buyers from buying.

Why aren’t people buying?

We used Hotjar or Qualaroo, to get insight from people, who are dropping out of the funnel without making a purchase.“What is one thing that is stopping you to make a purchase right now?”is a perfect question. Live chat for collecting qualitative insights is the single most undervalued technique. You will be certainly surprised by the answers of real users.

General UX problems

We meticulously uncover general problems with your website, like slow pageload, unclear copy or cluttered forms.


Illuminate the competitive landscape

We go through your competitors both in your direct local market, and globally as well, and highlight what do they communicate, what are their biggest strengths and weaknesses. We also go through reviews written by real users on sites like Tripadvisor or Amazon. This provides insights about your costumer’s intention , what do matter them the most, and what are they most unsatisfied with, which presents as an excellent opportunity to grow.


Test your Unique Selling Points

Collecting persuasive tools

We go through expert reviews, customer reviews, media appearances, and awards. For Szallas.hu we have analyzed 1.240 reviews by hand. For Easy Cooking Budapest we have read the Tripadvisor reviews of every single cooking schools in 27 cities. We collect all the aspects, which could push your users to become your customers.

We precisely test all the USPs

We use Adwords to test copy, Facebook to test creatives and we do user tests to see perception. As a result we have exact numbers for priority, which help us to decide in advance what USP should we use and communicate across all channels. This way we can determine exactly for example which creative would grab the most attention if it was put in a specific magazin. When we have started working with McDaniel College Budapest, they thought that the multicultural student body is their strongest selling point. By running several rounds of tests, the numbers told us exactly how much stronger the American degree and American study opportunities were as core values.


Design, showing love, test

This is the point where we start to do tasks parallel.

As we are getting closer to the finish line and perfected the last 3 steps, it is time to put into action the serious sales processes.

Create wireframe, design

We use all data collected so far in our process, and add our 9 years of past experience in 11 industries, and make the most effective design possible to help your users reach their goal, and make you happy in the meantime as well.

Frontend, SEO, and backend if needed

We take care of the frontend, SEO and backend development if needed. All the major ecommerce players are trusting us with their SEO efforts in the region. No bullshit, we know how to make it scalable, and won’t force your employees to write all day meta tags and titles by hand. We make your sitebuild sing, what Google will truly adore. Microformats, canonical, rel tags, robots.txt, responsiveness, sitespeed, structure, sitemap, etc. Name it, we have your back. By default. For example, we have contributed to substantially increase the organic reach and eventually the exit of 2 prominent players: Arukereso.hu and Szallas.hu.

Test like it’s hot

We create your test documentation, which includes what do we test, what is our hypothesis, what are the results, and what do we conclude. This way it can inspire further test ideas. According to our experience it takes at least 3-4 iteration to get an element right, and really understand how does it work the best. We create your test strategy and prioritisation based on how likely it is, that a certain test would have a significant lift on your conversion (on a scale 1-100), and how easy it is to implement (on a scale 1-100). We also create, run and evaluate your tests. It is either made by tools like VisualWebsiteOptimizer, Optimizely, or maybe with your inhouse solution. Getting results is a great thing, but rolling it out to every channel (offline as well), makes this approach really delicious and worthwhile.


Market like a wizard

We use performance based marketing to assist your users through the whole funnel: Awareness, Engagement and Conversion.We won’t burn your money, if we aren’t able to use it efficiently, we simply give it back to you.

Awareness: branding

You need branding. Even if you are a one man army. Branding is just a fancy way of saying reputation. You care about your reputation, right? It is about the impression you make. You absolutely have to be unique, and communicate why does it matter. We hate burning money, so think beyond TV and billboard ads only. Essentially it is performance based content marketing. Meaning we use emails, articles, display banners and social content to create a sequence, and tell a story. For The Piano Guys we wrote articles, and used remarketing to teach small details about them. This way people started to feel closer to them, and we could speed up the branding process.


We engage your users, activate them, and break their passivity. We have some awesome case-studies about how we sold out a concert with 6.000 attendees. You value your IKEA furniture irrationally, especially after you’ve invested a great deal of energy into assembling it. That’s why every small bit of user activity matters. Facebook comments? Post shares? Inviting friends to event? You get the point.


We use all the data and test results we could get our hands on so far, and push the users toward purchasing. We were born as digital natives, we use all the relevant channels you can think of (Facebook, Adwords, Instagram, Tripadvisor, …). You will always know exactly what is working, and what channels should you focus on.


What is the next step?

See our case studies for details about how exactly did we help the biggest ecommerce players to dominate their market. If you are serious about moving your company to the next level, and you are already or plan to spend at least $100k / year on your digital efforts, then contact us, let’s have a friendly conversation.

What does the client says to all of this:

I recommend Artisan’s experts to those who reach the desired results with iterative methods, because it can be hard to figure out in advance what you want and how you want it…

I heard nothing but good things about Artisan before my own personal experience, so working together was as expected: effective and efficient.

I think it also helped that we got the professional chemistry quickly, and our communication was seamless and to-the-point. It was comforting that they could manage projects and I always got satisfying answers to all of my questions. I always knew what output to expect and I always get it on time, in good quality.”

Norbert Németh - Head of e-commerce - Tchibo.hu