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Golden Effie

Artisan just won a Gold Effie Award! Our campaign for Szallas.hu was the most efficient in travel & tourism category this year.


Website of the year

The Hungarian Marketing Association give to us the best electronic newsletter of the year award, for our newsletter made to McDaniel College Budapest.


Video of the year

The Hungarian University and Press Association awarded the most talented student journalists, photographers and video makers. Our image video for McDaniel College won best higher education video of the year award.



3 months

+13% increased desktop

+62% increased tablet conversion

Vodafone Product Page

  • Why you should dramatically reducing the steps between your landing and your users' goal
  • See the importance of the responsive design
  • How we have sticked to branding guideline
  • Includes before-and-after images of product pages
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3 weeks

Specific discount calculator

Clear and user friendly landing page

Vodafone Family

  • How to steer users from a simple online calculator to complete their purchase in the offline shops
  • Why you shouldn’t assume that your customers want to puzzle out complex informations
  • The importance of hierarchy and comprehensive icons
  • Includes before-and-after images of the landing page
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2 months

+71% booking abroad

+20% CTR on redesigned banners

Szallas.hu Campaign

  • How to test offline campaigns in advance?
  • Specific creative tests we have tried
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2 months

5800 sold tickets

Sold Out Event

Piano Guys Concert

  • What is common in classical music and popular music? And how we were able to launch a successful campaign in 2 months and help to reach the main task: to make a positive impact in the lives of people?
  • Here’s our step-by-step guide of what we exactly did!
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9 months campaign

110% more enrolled students

McDaniel College

  • This american college in Hungary needed to increase the number of their students with recoverable costs.Through market research, surveys, interviews and USP testing, we found the solution.
  • Click to see how!
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The office

Things we provide


Top-notch equipment

It’s highly important to us to ensure proper working tools for our workers. Whether you want a high resolution monitor or your mouse is too noisy, or you want an ergonomic keyboard to save your wrist? Say no more, we’ve got you covered less than 3 days!


Table tennis & football

Working all day and ain't no play… sounds familiar to you? Why not take some time out from the office and relax for a while in our chill room? Sometimes you just need to have a break from the office and recharge your batteries, or just play some table tennis. This room is situated on our office’s floor and is for the use of everybody who wants to chill.


Artisan Talks

The Artisan Talks are private events, which are organized by us to inspire our team. Our guest always successful hungarian businessmen, like the ex-CEO of Apple’s hungarian distribution, or the founder of Yahoo Web Analytics (formerly IndexTools), to share their stories, their path to success. Every said or written words are stays there and will not go in public on YouTube or any other social medium so it gives us the opportunity to get behind the scenes details.


Infinite Library

Are you more of a beginner or a full-fledged bookworm? We prefer bookworms. Now there are 254 awesome ebook and epic physical books are in our library. But if you find something, that you eager to read, no worries, we will get it within 3 days.


Peer feedback

We trust data only. So when it comes to measure our team’s efficiency, the team member's opinion is precious. That’s why the peer feedback is a highly anticipated feedback. You will get semi-anonymous feedback from everybody in the team. We need to talk.


Gym membership

Think back to the last time you tried to get in shape and lose weight. How successful were you? Even if you're busy, you can get healthy, and get into the best shape of your life. All you need is a gym membership, which we give you.


Grill parties

Our team know how to throw a decent grill party! If you have smokin’ hot BBQ recipes, outdoor party ideas, tips and tricks to make it better or you just loooove to eat, your always welcome!



We love to build websites and marketing strategies, but we love to build our team, to an epic one as well. Once in a year at least, we spend 3 days together. Sometimes just good to hang out together, eating some delicious food, and gain some new experience.